Generator Installations

Protect Yourself and Your Home in a Power Outage With Generac Generator Installation by Salty Shores Installations (Collier & Lee County)

If the power goes out, more than just your lights are affected. Your fridge and freezer, which may house a week or more worth of food can suddenly shut off and all of that food can spoil. Your laptop and computer may not work, preventing you from working or being able to access information. Your television may stop working, as well as your air conditioning. And your electrical outlets will not work, which prevents you from charging a cell phone, a vital lifeline in emergency situations.

With an Automatic Whole House Generac generator you can be sure that your home has a backup source of power, allowing things to operate as usual when the power goes out and prevent mold from out of control humidity levels even when your away from home.  Salty Shores Installations installs your transfer switch inside whenever possible.  We believe the electronics inside the transfer switch is better protected inside your home rather than exposed to the elements outside in the harsh Florida marine environment.  Although it is more difficult to do so, we go the extra mile on your behalf.  Not all homes are identical, and your generator needs might be unique as well. 

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Portable Generators

With a Portable Generator Installation, Salty Shores calculates your electrical demand and guilds you through the selection of which generator is best for your home and needs.  We properly and safely setup your home to run on a portable backup generator.  We take time to inform you on the proper operations to ensure your ready when the power goes out.  We handle your home the same way we handle ours, after all, your home deserves only the best.

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Generator Services

Salty Shores Installations offers Service for your Generac Generator regardless of whom you purchased your unit from.  We also offer annual service contracts to ensure your generator is ready to run when it is needed.  We take care of all the required routine / preventative maintenance as well as any needed repairs.  Our technicians are trained and certified by the Generac Generator University.  Call today to discuss any needed service or maintenace plans.

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Generator Switches

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