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Reasons to Install Pool Cage LED Lighting

Pool cage LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular due to the numerous benefits it provides. 

Energy efficiency is one of the primary benefits of pool cage LED lighting. This type of lighting requires much less energy than traditional pool lighting solutions, making it a great option for environment-conscious pool owners. Not only does pool cage LED lighting help reduce energy consumption, but its long lifespan also means that pool owners can avoid the hassle and expense of regular pool light replacements.

Pool cage LED lighting is also cost-effective. This type of lighting is relatively inexpensive compared to other pool lighting options, and its long-term energy efficiency means it will save pool owners money in the long run. Furthermore, pool cage LED lighting can also add value to a home by providing an aesthetically pleasing pool area.

For pool cage LED lighting installation around Southwest Florida, contact Salty Shores Installation. Here at Salty Shores Installation, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction. We offer quality workmanship, friendly customer service and unbeatable prices. Contact us to learn more!

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For Lanai Lights in Southwest Florida, Contact Salty Shores Installations

Salty Shores Installations is the perfect choice for lanai lights installation in Southwest Florida. Our team of experienced professionals have been providing lanai lighting services to homes across the area for years. We offer a wide range of lanai lighting solutions that are tailored to meet each customer’s individual needs and budget. 

Our lanai lights come with weatherproof construction and superior lighting quality, making them perfect for any outdoor setting. And, we use only the highest-quality materials in all our projects, so you can rest assured that your lanai light fixtures will not only look beautiful but also last for many years to come. 

Moreover, we understand how important it is to make sure your lanai lights are installed correctly. That’s why we use only trained and experienced professionals to complete lanai light installation projects. Our team works diligently to ensure they meet all safety and code regulations while providing top-notch service and timely completion of lanai lighting projects. 

The bottom line is that when you hire Salty Shores Installations for lanai lights installation in Southwest Florida, you can count on superior quality, unbeatable customer service, and reliable results every time.

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Landscape Lighting

Benefits of Landscape LED Lighting

Landscape LED lighting is an effective and efficient way to light up outdoor spaces. There are several benefits to landscape LED lighting, such as improved ambiance, energy efficiency, durability, and cost savings.

LED landscape lighting provides a unique visual appeal with its bright yet soft light that casts a warm glow on the landscape. The light can be used to accentuate landscape features and create a beautiful atmosphere. This can also help to increase the safety of outdoor areas, as it provides better visibility in dark or dimly lit areas. 

LED landscape lighting is also more energy-efficient than conventional landscape lighting. LED bulbs require less power and generate less heat, resulting in lower electricity bills. LED landscape lighting also lasts much longer than traditional landscape lighting, so it is less prone to needing replacement or repairs.

Finally, landscape LED lighting can be a very cost-effective way to light up outdoor spaces. Its long lifespan and energy efficiency make it a great option for both residential and commercial applications.

If you are interested in installing LED lighting for your landscape, contact Salty Shores Installations. When it comes to outdoor lighting design, Salty Shores Installations is the go-to expert around Southwest Florida. Our team has years of experience in outdoor lighting design, allowing us to provide the highest quality outdoor lighting solutions.

With our unique eye for outdoor lighting design, we are able to create solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, we use only the highest quality outdoor lighting products, which ensures long-lasting durability and value. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched, guaranteeing outdoor lighting installations that meet your needs and exceed expectations. 

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Residential Lighting

Advantages of Residential Lighting

The addition of LED lighting to an interior of a home is a unique way to increase the visual appeal and atmosphere. There are several benefits such as improved ambience, energy efficiency, durability and cost savings. Low level lighting can offer safety by providing better visibility and can also be automated to turn on when walking into a dark room or when motion is sensed.  When properly designed and installed, the ordinary can become extraordinary and luxurious. 

Residential lighting is only limited by the imagination.  Rooms that often have special custom lighting are Kitchens, Bathrooms, Closets and Living Rooms.  We can install everything from above and below cabinet lighting,  toe kick lighting, mirror backlighting, wine and liquor cabinet lighting, and recessed lighting.  We can make proposals or work with you to make any custom lighting for your home. You can count on Salty Shores Installations to handle your custom lighting projects and make a plan as unique as your space.  Your illumination project will receive a high level of attention and we will make  your residence extra special with our design touch.  We handle every project with care and professionalism no matter how big or small.

Commercial Lighting

Commercial Lighting That is Eye Catching

Commercial lighting  can bring attention to your commercial signage and building façade. With brighter and focused illumination, your business will stand out above the rest. Community entrances illuminated by Salty Shores Installations provides your residences as well as their guests will a warm and inviting approach into the community.  We offer options with holiday lighting colors built in for a festive vibe and with whites for every day lighting that can be changed with the simple click of a button.  This helps to reduce the setup and tear down costs for each holiday, thereby reducing the annual budget.  Salty Shores Installations works within your current spending budget to produce a quick ROI. 

Commercial lighting from a different perspective is what we do best.  Contact us to start making a plan to move into a brighter future.

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